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Who We Are

United Systems is a technology solutions provider delivering Enterprise Solutions, Products & Services of superior quality as an agile & dynamic company supported by strong strategic partners.

We started our operations in 2000, we are headquartered in Oman with offices in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.

By continually harnessing the latest trends in technology, we offer robust & cutting-edge Enterprise Solutions & Products that deliver maximum value to our Clients and help them grow their business.

You can be assured we will accompany you all along the journey leading to your complete success. You expect the best, we deliver it for you at an affordable cost.

We Are Passionate About Empowering Business Growth, Yours!


We Listen

We do listen to what you have to say. We operate with the highest level of integrity & honesty.

We are not afraid to tell you the truth and we work with you to help you overcome all your challenges.

United Systems build relationships that produce long-lasting results and deliver maximum value to your organization.

We Deliver

We help you gain control over your IT environment thru a progressive alignment of People, Processes, Technology, Partners & Products. We provide the expertise & experience that you need in order to unleash the full potential of your business and increase your profits. We provide agile & robust business solutions that will evolve with the ever-changing needs of your business. We work hard at keeping up with new technology solutions that will enable you to overcome all your present and future business challenges.

Strong Strategic Alliances Breed Success

To be the best, you have to work with the best. We think selecting the right partner is as important as selecting the right solutions.

We have established a number of strategic partnerships with leaders in the industry such as Open Text, Oracle, Epiq, Comartis, Hardcat, Trend Micro and Cyberoam. It enables us to provide our clients with agile and efficient business solutions responding to complex & demanding business situations.

We use proven methodologies, strategies & techniques to deliver innovative Enterprise Solutions, Products & Services across a variety of Industries among which Oil & Gas, Banking, Retail as well as a number of Ministries and Government bodies.

ISO 9001:2208 Certification