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Scanning & Digitizing of Documents

Whether you need to scan & digitize 100,000 or millions of documents, we can help you. Ask US for a quote.

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Digital Archiving

OpenText Digital Archiving Management Suite. Learn more.

Securely storing documents so they can be kept, indexed and retrieved quickly is what archiving is all about. OpenText has an excellent digital media product range, which includes an entire Media Management Suite. We utilize this system to deliver an all-encompassing digital media archive for any kind of electronic document, in any format.

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Digital Archiving can either form part of a wider document management process or stand on its own merits. Businesses produce millions of bytes of data every day and most countries require all of it to be kept for a set period of time. Compliance is a big word nowadays, and one no business can afford to ignore. To effectively store this information you need a digital archive. United Systems and OpenText provide a complete, end-to-end archiving solution that will keep your data safe, and ensure compliance.

The OpenText Media Management Suite is a complete digital archive. It's a flash-based system that offers a completely modular approach to managing digital assets. It's drag and drop functionality allows for fast and easy management of files and folders. The built-in search engine allows for quick search and recovery of files. The system is designed on open API's which means it can integrate easily with other systems and allow for a much wider user base.

The OpenText Media Management Suite allows businesses to completely control, manage and effectively utilize an unlimited amount of digital assets. The interface is clear and easy to use, the control users can exercise over their digital media is unlimited. For organizations who use digital assets, the OpenText Media Management suite is the ultimate tool.

Business Process Management

OpenText Business Process Management Suite. Learn more.

Take control of key processes and speed up decision making with our Suite of Business Process Management (BPM). Any business, in any industry gets slower as it grows. The OpenText Business Process Management component of their industry leading ECM suite offers significant advantages to business who want to work quicker and more efficiently.

Let US get your Business moving.

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The role of business process management is to streamline decision-making and make it more effective. It also allows organizations to adapt to changing circumstances. United Systems leverages the OpenText Business Process Management component of their Enterprise Information Management Suite.

The OpenText Extended Workflow component offers extra integration with XML, PDF and other electronic formats. It also includes a powerful reporting engine that can offer significant help to managing content and processes.

The OpenText Transactional Content Processing module concentrates on speeding up processes by dynamically capturing and publishing transactional information using Capture, Process, Preserve, Access and Integrate methodology.

The BPM component in conjunction with the EIM suite radically improves process management across the board. It's scalable, intuitive and works across multiple locations. It's modular design means it can be designed and configured to answer specific needs, as well as grow with your business. It makes managing business processes easier, more organized and less demanding, whatever the size of the organization.

Our BPM Services will help you discover, document, optimize, automate and improve processes to drive efficiency and reduce cost. Organization that can make informed decisions quickly succeed.

IT Professionals

Managing IT, upgrading systems, migrating applications require experienced professionals. Not every business can afford it, this is why Outsourcing IT services has become an incredibly popular topic in the past few years. The reason for this: it works.

Let US provide you with highly-skilled & experienced IT Professionals.

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Outsourcing IT support is a popular theme in business, as it can offer significant savings and increase quality of service. Making the right choice when looking to outsource critical business functions is of paramount importance and you need to trust your Outsourcing Partner. United Systems provides consulting services to help you outsource right. We provide Expert IT Support and we have experience managing an entire outsourced infrastructure.

Various companies outsource their IT needs to external companies. It allows them to focus on their own strategies for developing their own business without having to utilize resources on infrastructure support. United Systems can provide that expertise to you. Our team of IT Engineers, Project Managers and other professionals are highly qualified, highly motivated and highly effective.

Our business reach is wide and diversified and our teams have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Couple that with an excellent training regime and you have a fully functional team of experts ready to get to work on your most pressing business challenges.

A major factor in the success of any enterprise is knowing what resources are needed and how to make the best possible use. We're experts at that, and know exactly what kind of skills is needed for each different scenario. United Systems can provides expert technical assistance to organizations of any size or scope.

Let US take care of IT.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to the implementation and management of quality IT services that meet your business needs.

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IT service management is performed by IT service providers through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology. ITSM is process-focused and in this sense has ties and common interests with a number of process improvement frameworks and best practices such as ITIL, COBIT, Six Sigma, Business Process management, CMMI. In this respect, ITSM can be seen as analogous to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) discipline for IT. ITSM aims to promotes a cultural change across the company to increase the quality of service delivered by the IT Department to the Business.

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United Systems is an ISO9001:2008 organization.

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